Special issue on Anthropology and gender-based violence

We are delighted to welcome the latest number of “Archivio Antropologico Mediterraneo“, the high-quality and open-access journal of Cultural Anthropology dedicated to understanding the dynamics and processes of contemporary world.

INRES enabled the publication of a thematic issue on “Norms, Silences and Powers: Towards a Critical Anthropology of Gender-based Violence.” We thank you the editorial board, the reviewers, and the authors who entrusted our work and contributed to the issue: Michela Fusaschi, Alessandra Gribaldo and Valeria Ribeiro Corossacz. We hope you will appreciate the reading as much as we appreciated elaborating knowledge about the dynamics of power that distinguish the definition, the denunciation, the speaking out and the silencing of gender-based violence.

Here you can find all the articles composing the section:

G. Cavatorta, Introduction. Normes, silences, pouvoirs : pour une anthropologie critique des “violences fondées sur le genre”

M. Fusaschi, Quel genre de convictions dans les Conventions ? Esquisses d’auto-ethnographie des droits humains des femmes en tant qu’économies morales : le cas des Modifications Génitales Féminines

A. Gribaldo, L’intimité, la fiabilité et les paroles des femmes : quand les violences conjugales rencontrent les institutions

V. Ribeiro Corossacz, Dénoncer la violence. Silences et prise de parole autour du harcèlement sexuel envers les travailleuses domestiques au Brésil

G. Cavatorta, Égalité, complémentarité, concurrence. La violence entre les “sexes” au Sénégal à l’épreuve du “genre”

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